Select Page Blogs: Episode 5 out of a 6 part special filmed in New Orleans, host Jeremy Chapman is joined by collaboration expert Mark Kashman as they take a look at the expansion of collaboration scenarios with the new Office from Site Mailboxes in SharePoint Online, advances in SharePoint Online for collaboration outside the corporate firewall, to Lync with multi-party HD video and the social sharing of content and ideas through Yammer. Jeremy also teams up with local survivalist, Jeff Galpin, as he ventures out into the Louisiana Bayou to see if he can truly stay productive from anywhere as he tests Office 365 versus the wild armed with a 4G Windows Phone and his Ultrabook.

Jeremy: So on our last New Orleans show special we took a look at the newly-minted FastTrack process for getting started with Office 365. On this show I’m joined by our resident collaboration expert Mark Kashman to take a look at the expansion of collaboration and sharing experiences with the new Office. You’ll recall that we gave you a first look at real-time coauthoring for Office Web Apps across Windows, iOS and Android in show 2 of our specials from New Orleans. With the new Office 365, Collaboration experiences are now significantly more advanced from desktop, the Web and beyond.

Mark: People who are used to collaboration scenarios from previous Office versions will largely relate that to content management and sharing with technologies such as SharePoint. How we think of collaboration now has greatly expanded with the proliferation of devices, pervasive social experiences and what we can now do from an online services perspective with the Cloud that allows content and their services to roam with the user where and when they need it.

Jeremy: Yes, that’s why today we wanted to really take a broader view of collaboration experiences across the Office 365 stack to demonstrate the breadth of collaboration scenarios supported both within and outside your organization.

Mark: Yes, for example we’ve made it significantly easier to share Office documents beyond the corporate firewall with external users; secure, boundary-less sharing of content managed in-place by you . And Site Mailboxes add a great way to get project-related email in line with team sites.

Site Mailbox integrated with Outlook desktop app

Jeremy:  Yes, Site Mailboxes are great for centrally storing content to help with version control and to really bring the power of SharePoint & Exchange together. The integration with Outlook gives you a powerful tool to drag and drop attachments directly into a SharePoint document library  so you can work against the same file – as opposed to the old approach of forwarding in email to many people, then having to manually consolidate everyone’s feedback. When you combine this with the co-authoring we’ve had in Office since 2010, it really lights up collaboration scenarios.

Mark: Beyond that, combine Lync with all of this, and you add multi-party online meeting with audio and HD video. Crystal clear meetings with the team. At the same time, you can co-author using the same file with everyone on the Lync meeting.

Multi-party HD Video Meeting in Lync while Co-Authoring in Word

Jeremy: And there are a couple new things we can do in terms of collaboration – post news and content to Yammer and we can share single files outside of the organization using SharePoint. We actually took all of these pieces and put them together to show how I could take an external Request for Proposal and use all of the collaboration elements we just talked about across the Office stack, then share our results back with our requestor.

Mark: You will need to watch the show to see everything in action. And the beauty is that all of this is easy to set up using Office 365 and Yammer. Within about 30 minutes, you could have everything running to try out everything across the Microsoft collaboration spectrum – from email, file sharing and online meetings to voice and social. You and Keith Laborde talked about this last show as you described the FastTrack experience for getting Office 365 up and running quickly, compare this to five years ago when you had to build out lots of servers to do the equivalent

Jeremy: Speaking of 30 minutes, I also put Office 365 to the test this week when I ventured out to the Bayou with local survivalist, Jeff Galpin, to see if I could be productive from anywhere with or without an Internet connection.  I gave myself 30 minutes to complete 7 tasks, including installing Office 365 ProPlus from the Web. We had some nice encounters with nature along the way, but you will have to check out the show to see if we got everything done.

Getting work done in the Bayou

Mark: Sounds dangerously fun – wish I could have been there. Next time, we’ll have Paul Thurrott on the show to talk about Office 365 and some of his favorite features.

Bye for now!

Jeremy and Mark

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